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Carve the Runes Then Be Content With Silence

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"like the wow and flutter of unearthed magnetic tape"

"like the sustained sound of a ferry horn, bouncing and bending in the harbour"

"like walking through heather and peat moorland"

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Each year for 3 years I’ve written and released an album every spring and autumn. This year, to break that cycle, I’ve planted one in the earth for 3 years.

I’ve written a work for solo violin and string ensemble, celebrating Orcadian poet George Mackay Brown, who would have been 100 this year. A recording has been mastered onto 1⁄4 inch tape.

The digital file has been permanently deleted.
I’ve driven the only copy of the album from London to the Orkney islands.

This year, instead of music, I will release a map of sorts. With this, you are welcome to travel, search and attempt to find the recording and dig it up yourself. I only ask that if you do find it, please bring it back to me where we will play and listen together. At that point I will release the unearthed tape and share it back into our digital world.

Along with some great musicians I will try to re-perform it live, exactly as it sounds from the earth.

When an idea forms there is often an urge to share it as quickly as it develops but like spotting a bird, I want to let this fly and land in its own place and time.

It’s one part remembrance, one part celebration.

Carve the runes
Then be content
With Silence